At WASL we focus on building the next generation of high performance, reliable, and scalable distributed systems. Our efforts and expertise span from low level file system designs, to network optimizations, to large scale data storage and processing systems. We are exploring designs and methodologies to building highly efficient systems by leveraging recent advances in hardware technology (including software-defined networks, GPU, FPGA, and NVM) and by exploiting domain specific optimizations (from big data analytics, to high-performance science applications).


    • Jan. 2020: Our FLAIR paper got accepted at NSDI 2020.
    • Jan. 2020: Zuhair AlSader completed his MMath degree. Congratulations!!
    • Dec. 2019: Mohammed Alfatafta defended his MMath thesis. Congratulations!!
    • Aug. 2019: Congratulations to Hatim Takruri for completing his MMath degree.
    • July 2019: Congratulations to Samer for his elevation to IEEE senior member rank.
    • Apr. 2019: Congratulations to Ahmad for winning the 2018 Huawei Prize for Best Research Paper.
    • Dec. 2018: Congratulations to the NEAT team, the NEAT project is featured at ACM Tech news.
    • Dec. 2018: Congratulations to Ahmad Alquraan for completing his MMath degree.
    • Nov. 2018: WASL receives a Huawei research award to explore network-integrated designs for KV storage.
    • Oct. 2018: Our NEAT paper got accepted at OSDI’18.
    • Sept. 2018: Samer joins the SOSP PC.
    • July 2018: WASL received an NSERC Engage grant in collaboration with Google Canada.
    • Apr. 2018: WASL received CFI-JELF funding to build a modern cloud storage testbed (link).