At WASL we focus on building the next generation of high performance, reliable, and scalable distributed systems. Our efforts and expertise span from low level file system designs, to network optimizations, to large scale data storage and processing systems. We are exploring designs and methodologies to building highly efficient systems by leveraging recent advances in hardware technology (including software-defined networks, GPU, FPGA, and NVM) and by exploiting domain specific optimizations (from big data analytics, to high-performance science applications).


    • Nov. 2023: Prof. Ali Mashtizadeh and Prof. Samer Al-Kiswany receive NCC funding to build a confidential backup system.
    • Oct. 2023: Samer joins the IEEE’s “Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems”s Editorial Board as an Associate Editor.
    • Sept. 2023: Our paper on connectivity-aware scheduling is nominated for best paper award at SRDS 2023.
    • July. 2023: Harsha, Abdelrahman, and Samer win the Acronis Best Patent Award for 2023.
    • Jan. 2023: WASL starts a collaboration with Acronis Research Lab over novel backup technology.
    • Jan. – Dec. 2022: Tons of progress at WASL. Saif, Wael, Daniel, and Sara Graduated with an MMath degree.
    • Apr. 2021: Ahmed is a finalist (top three candidates worldwide) for the Facebook fellowship.
    • Apr. 2021: Congratulations to Ahmed for getting an IBM PhD fellowship.
    • Apr. 2021: Harsha completed his MMath degree. Congratulations!!
    • Apr. 2021: Samer presents the Nifty project at HAOC@EuroSys ’21.
    • Apr. 2021: Saif is awarded the NSERC – Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations Saif!!

Media Coverage

      • Nov. 2020: ACMTechUWaterlooCS@UWaterloo: Cheriton computer scientists create a Nifty solution to a catastrophic network fault
      • Sept. 2020: UWaterloo, CS@UWaterloo: WASL to be among the first labs to use the 5G smart campus network
      • Feb 2020: UWaterlooInsideHPCScienceDaily: Computer servers now able to retrieve data much faster
      • July 2019: UWaterloo: Samer promoted to IEEE senior member
      • Apr. 2019: UWaterloo: NEAT wins Huawei best paper award
      • Dec. 2018: ACMTech News: Researchers Study Catastrophic Effects Network Failures Have on Cloud Computing Systems
      • Apr. 2018: UWaterloo: WASL is awarded funding to build Intrepid, a cutting edge cluster for cloud storage